Monday, July 27, 2009

The Curious Case of Boy Staunton

November 4, 1968
Daisy Yao
Staff Reporter

Today, at 4 o’clock on the morning, police dredged a Cadillac convertible up from the waters pf Toronto Harbour, with Boy Staunton’s dead body in the driver’s seat.

With preliminary investigation, the Cadillac convertible has been confirmed as Boy Staunton’s car. And police identified the sink of Staunton’s Cadillac was because it had been driven very fast off the end of the concrete pier.

Strange facts can be found in this case. Firstly, the car was full-filled with water, but the windows and the roof were closed. Secondly, Boy Stauton’s hands griped the wheel so tightly that is was very difficult for the police to remove him from the car.

But the most curious fact of all was that the police found a stone in Boy Staunton’s mouth. It was an ordinary piece of pinkish granite about the size of a small egg. “It could not possibly be there unless Stauton himself, or someone unknown, had put it there.” says Dylan Humphrey, a police investigator.

New revelation shows Boy Staunton was about to appointed the Lieutenant- Governor of Ontario within a few days. Was a man with Boy Staunton’s high concept of service likely to have killed himself under such circumstances? “I don’t believe Boy would commit suicide, he was such a responsible person. This must be a murder!” says Denyse Stauton, Boy Stauton’s wife.

Was Boy Stauton’s death a suicide? Or was it a murder? Police don’t have an answer yet. Was it murder? But how could anyone want to murder someone who had done so much for the nation? Was it suicide? But why would the head of Alpha Corporation, one of the richest men in Canada, handsome and still youthful-looking, want to kill himself? Murder or suicide? Let’s wait for the truth to come out.

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