Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preresearch Report on "Toronto Harbour"

Calleja, Frank. "Harbour steeped in boating history." Toronto Star (Canada); 05/17/2002 (2002): B02.

Terauds, John. "16 provocative variations on a theme of Toronto." Toronto Star (Canada); 03/22/2001 (2001): W014.

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Borcea, Dana. "SAFE HARBOUR, SAFE HOME; WHEN A GREAT LAKES CARRIER WAS TOWED HERE, ITS CARETAKER CAME, TOO." Hamilton Spectator, The (ON); 12/27/2007 (2007): A01.

Unknown. "The Toronto Port Authority." Toronto Star (Canada); 05/06/2006 (2006): B05.

Crew, Robert. "Shay Hahn lights fire under Toronto history." Toronto Star (Canada); 03/31/2005 (2005): G08.

Mayers, Adam. "How Toronto looked in 1818." Toronto Star (Canada); 07/18/2007 (2007): A14.

Stewart, Andrew. "City's history unappreciated ." Toronto Star (Canada); 08/22/2007 (2007): A07.

Cobb, Sara. "We failed to notice ferry could help T.O.." Toronto Star (Canada); 03/07/2004 (2004): A12.

Unknown, "From vision to reality on our waterfront." Toronto Star (Canada); 10/22/2000 (2000): ED01.

Scrivener, Leslie. "City's rich historystuck in storage." Toronto Star (Canada); 01/21/2007 (2007): A06.

"Toronto Harbout." Wikipedia. 25 May 2009. Wikipedia. 29 Jul 2009 .

From the sources I found above, I think I can apply source number 2, 4, 7, 8, and10 into my essay about “Toronto Harbour”. Since they were all came from newspaper, I assume they are accurate. And the topics of those sources are in common, they are relevant together.

Since those sources talked about the history of Toronto Harbour and Toronto Harbour in modern days, so I will set my thesis as “the change of Toronto Harbour from history to modern days”. And the main focus will be how Toronto Harbour was in the history, how Toronto Harbour is in modern days, and what is the change or difference between the old Toronto Harbour and the new Toronto Harbour.

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